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Our belief

With the increase in traffic and lack of compassion or overrating personal priorities, people neglect their duty towards those in need. Often people are not concerned to give an Prandharin a side because they are occupied in their own races to destination, or sometimes it takes an Prandharin a longer time proportional to distance to arrive at the place of emergency. In such cases, Prandharin gets delayed to reach victim or further he gets delayed to reach hospital for appropriate and timely aid. Therefore, Prandharin is a sword to minimize these limitations. It is a tremendous opportunity for the people looking forward for the community assistance and wellbeing of the society. This is a chance for people to serve their neighborhood with what they have to support each other in emergencies as Ambutters. Not only the Prandharins and Ambutters will be guarding the accident victims or people suffering from health issues, instead, here the females will also be guarded in case of emergencies when they need medical help to survive over their grievances. So our belief is that after downloading a mechanism which has been developed by the software team may generate certain belongingness in to the public and they starts related to each other that they are with the same community ( Out of the any cast bar or whatever it may be which starts identifying it ) of Prandharin. It will create a history in the world if this community comes out for the social reason.

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